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How does a new car save you money?

If you happen to own an older car that has just gone out of warranty, then get ready for increased maintenance expenses and the possibility of having to make major repairs that can be expensive. There are many advantages of owning a new vehicle. Here is a closer look at the costs of continuing to

What You Should Know Before You Start Drifting

Have you exhausted all the thrills of the speedway? Do you feel ready to be the next Ken Block? Here are a few basics you need to know before you think about customising a car and preparing yourself for drifting. First of all, drifting is not something you should try with the car you drive

Starting Your Own Local Car Garage Service

If you are enthusiastic about cars, then it is a great idea to have a business that is related to your hobby. One of the most in-demand businesses nowadays is a car repair shop or a local garage. Entrepreneurs who have this kind of business are known to earn a good profit because they can

How to Bet on Formula 1 – Betting Tips

The Basics Formula 1 Grand Prix races are separated by 3 weeks through the racing season. The most popular bet is no doubt the race winner, but a good betting strategy will determine when to bet where there is value. There has always been a clear favorite to win the championship and most of the

Niche Marketing: Approaching the Millennial Consumers

For years now, marketers all across the world have been tearing their hair out in an effort to determine how to engage millennials with their campaigns. But they aren’t giving up; after all, there’s a lot of millennials out there. As a matter of fact, according to statistics provided by the Pew Research Center, millennials

A Great Road Trip for Every Continent

If I am honest, I could name a lot more than one hundred great road trips worldwide, but for the sake of brevity, I have chosen but a few of my very favourite road trip destinations.

Tips to Become an Effective Fleet Manager

There’s much more to being a fleet manager than some people believe. In fact, being a fleet manager can feel as if you were juggling a couple of balls at once. This is the case because you have to get all the vehicles ready for the road and make sure all chauffeurs are ready to

A 5-Point Plan For Passing Your Driving Test

The driving test is potentially one of the most nerve-wracking exams you can put yourself through –  even if you’re a supremely confident driver, one nervous mistake can be the difference between a pass and a fail. And while no one can guarantee what will crop up on the day of the test – other

Best Road Trip Vehicles For 2019

Heading out for a road trip with friends or family induces a feeling of freedom matched by few other experiences in life.  The open road provides the freedom to explore, take in the sights you would miss by flying, and a chance to take a deep relaxing breath of fresh air.   One of the

Everything you need to know about coolant and antifreeze

Engine coolant is a mixture of antifreeze and water and regulates the temperature of the water in your engine, to ensure that your car does not overheat or freeze throughout the year. Nearly one third of the energy produced by a car engine ends up as waste, either through the exhaust or as excess heat
Must-See Cars of All Times