Driving Convictions in the UK

Every year, as cars get faster and technology progresses, so it seems the law comes down harder and harder on drivers who misbehave behind the wheel. Punishment for mobile phone use recently doubled, but for most drivers their speeding is what can put them on the wrong side of the law.

Most of us have been caught out at some stage by a speed camera or a craftily placed police car, ready to pounce the second they see a car exceeding the speed limit. Or when you are driving in an unfamiliar area and didn’t notice the limit shift from 40mph to 30mph, until those two telltale flashes fill your review mirror.

In the UK, many people see speed cameras simply as another form of revenue, like a hidden road tax. However, even these skeptics cannot deny that the main aim of speed cameras is to make the roads a safer place for both pedestrians and drivers alike. The falling rate of road deaths in the UK is testament to the fact that, money spinner or not, speed restrictions have made our roads a safer place.

Combined with their own research, QuoteSearcher have put together this infographic showing the speeding habits of UK drivers, and just how much revenue some speed cameras actually yield…

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