Essential Car Entertainment Systems

If you were a fan of the MTV Pimp My Ride show then you might perhaps hold the view that they pimped the featured cars up just a bit too much, what with all the custom made big screen docks and even accessories such as mobile refrigeration units. It’s perhaps only a demonstration of the talent the customisation team has I guess, but I tend to agree that it does get a bit too much with the likes of a hot tub and stuff like that. Who needs a hot tub in their car?

That said however, with the Internet of Things (IOT) gaining some good traction, car customisation enthusiasts can be forgiven a little bit in terms of the entertainment – the interior entertainment, that is. Who would have ever thought we’d one day have to distinguish between interior and “exterior” entertainment?!!

So while we’re going to be taking all the new technology into account, there are indeed some essentials by way of car entertainment systems which you cannot do without if you want to refer to yourself as any sort of self-respecting mod enthusiast.

Sound system

Any form of entertainment media you might be consuming is essentially made by the audio to accompany it and in some instances like when you’re listening to music or audio books, it is indeed all about the audio and nothing else. The way in which the acoustics are designed makes a huge difference to the quality of the experience and personally I always aim to recreate the crystal clear sound quality of those headsets which came with my Sony Xperia mobile phone!

Specialist sound guys know all about this stuff though so their specialist opinion should always be valued, albeit it may mean they’ll be trying to get you to spend more.

Media storage capacity

Media storage capacity is as straight-forward as taking into account how media performs when you have some good capacity in what is the equivalent of a computer’s RAM, in addition to the storage space proper. Fortunately capacity isn’t that expensive these days and to make a very simple example, you want to be able to store all the movies you haven’t watched yet and all your music with no problems.

Internet connected integrated computer

We could perhaps take things a step further by considering connectivity to something beyond the conventional integrated computer system like your tablet PC or a docked laptop, but there’s a limit to the sensibility tied to the Internet of Things. It is indeed important to have some kind of internet connectivity to extend on the capabilities of your visual media entertainment system and as mentioned this would simply mean you can perhaps pop onto your docked laptop or iPad and quickly check out that casino review in New Jersey if you perhaps happen to be in the area.

Otherwise internet connectivity is indeed what makes your interior screens all the more valuable – I mean even if you perhaps play a bit of PlayStation you can then pop online and enjoy the multiplayer modes of the various popular games and you can run the necessary updates required.

Remember that anything you buy for your car can be quite expensive, and so check out car and automotive reviews before you spend over the odds.

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