Have You Heard of Cossack Motorcycles?

Last weekend I came across a pretty interesting and unusual motorcycles I would like to tell you about. Those bikes are often called cossack motorcycles and they are really worth your attention.

The main feature of those bikes is a 4 stroke boxer engine (also known as a flat-twin engine), which makes them look extraordinary. It turned out that such bikes are often used for custom projects thanks to their boxer engines. As for standard cossack motorcycles, they look like a blast from the past – they were designed in the middle of the XX century in the USSR and their design hasn’t changed much since then.

When searching for some info about those motorcycles, I found a nice web resource called Cossack Motorcycles that is run by Alex White, some motorcycle enthusiast from Ukraine (you know the Klitchko brothers, Euromaidan, etc.). Alex has got a pretty great website that will be useful for both cossack motorcycle owners and ordinary folks who are fond of various cool custom bikes. I checked a few articles about servicing and upgrading cossack bikes that Alex wrote and it seems this guy knows the topic perfectly. I believe those articles will definitely be useful for those who are proud owners of Dnipro MT and Ural motorcycles. BTW, it turned out that, despite having a very similar design, those are two absolutely different motorcycles.

What I liked on that website the most is the category with custom cossack motorcycles – http://www.cossack-motorcycles.com/category/custom-cossack-bikes/ As you can see from the custom bikes mentioned here, Dnipro MT and Ural motorcycles are something more than just outdated military motorcycles with sidecars. And this is what sparks my interest in these motorcycles.

From what I can see, those motorcycles are most often turned into choppers and bobbers. I have no idea on their tech specs, but if judging from the overall look, I guess it’s safe to say those bikes are as good as custom HDs.

I won’t lie to you, I don’t plan to buy a cossack motorcycle for myself because I’m not a big fan of motorcycling, but I have to admit that after digging a bit deeper into this topic I can tell that these motorcycles are really interesting and definitely worth being mentioned in top motorcycle magazines.

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