How to Bet on Formula 1 – Betting Tips

check out the latest Formula One matches at William HillThe Basics

Formula 1 Grand Prix races are separated by 3 weeks through the racing season. The most popular bet is no doubt the race winner, but a good betting strategy will determine when to bet where there is value.

There has always been a clear favorite to win the championship and most of the races, a racer that outstands before all others. In the past it used to be Schumacher and Michael Vettel, in the present it is Lewis Hamilton. The odds for Hamilton to win are usually -200 to win (bet $200 to win $100) or 1.5 odds. Note that betting for almost any other contender the odds are +300 (bet $100 to win $300) or 3.0 odds. The unlikely underdogs to win can pay over 5000 to 1.

Aside from the Drivers’ Championship and individual race wins, sportsbooks might also offer prop bets on which team will win, the constructor championship or from which country the winner will be from.

Formula 1 Betting Strategies

Bet on the Favorite – Going for the underdog technique doesn’t apply well on the Formula 1. They almost never win and predicting it could be the hardest thing to do compared to other sports. In 2013 Sebastian Vettel won the last 9 races of the season in a row. Throughout the 2014 season only three drivers won any race; Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Daniel Riccardo. Still, there are small opportunities to win big with an underdog.

Do not Over Value the Pole – The pole position is a single round race each driver races alone around the track, whoever makes the best time starts on the head. Although winning the pole does give a driver a great advantage to control the pace of the race and makes things a lot easier, stats say only 40% to 50% of pole winner’s end up winning the race. The Canadian GP at Montreal is definitely a race you do not want to bet on whoever wins the pole, only 33% of the pole winners have won the race.

When to bet on the Pole Winner – On the latest races in Monza the driver that wins the pole won the race 83.3% of the time. Monaco is another track were overtaking is hard and the pole position becomes a heavy advantage.

Value on the second favorite – If any value is to be found, it’s on the driver that does not win the pole and carries odds of +300 or +800 as long as he has proven skill and is a close rival to the top favorite on an overtaking track. Montreal for example is one of those tracks were bettors can look for value on a long shot since the circuit track make it easier to overtake.

Where to Bet on Formula 1

There aren’t that many sites that offer Formula 1 betting at great odds. I recommend to check out the latest Formula One matches at William Hill, a sportsbook that offers great odds and market offers rarely seen with others. And if you are really into car racing, try out their virtual car race betting games, it’s almost like the real deal with races happening one after the other.

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