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Car Maintenance Checklist for Road Trips

While there are safer, simpler and easier ways to travel, there is nothing that will let you get the lay of the land better than a road trip. Here, you get to make your own itinerary, improvise as you go and spend the entirety of the trip exactly as you like it. Aside from this,

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Van

Before one decides to buy a new car, it is advisable to do a proper research by visiting various car dealers to compare different cars and affordability. Nowadays advancement of technology has made things easier where one can get the relevant information about any car on the internet. It is advisable not to rush into

Smart Driver: Four Simple Ways to Winter-Proof Your Vehicle

There is no doubt that a car takes a pretty big hit during the winter. Not only is there the danger of rust, but you also have to worry about your gas mileage dropping for a while, which means more gas. Do not worry about this; there are a few things you can do to winter-proof your

4 Car Problems You Can Fix on Your Own

Many believe that DIY car repairs are there primarily to save one’s money. While it’s indisputable that there’s a lot of truth to this claim, frugality is hardly the only reason behind this. Being able to repair your own car not only makes the maintenance easier and quicker, it also serves as a safety measure,

Tools Car Mechanics Cannot Live Without

Car mechanics are a peculiar sort. They seem to nurture a certain level of disdain towards one another, and much like Salieri hated Mozart, each new mechanic you encounter seems to think that the previous one did a horrible job. Why is that? Could it be that car maintenance is an art form as much

The Great British Make (Off)

OK, we all know that the ‘motor car’ was invented by Karl Benz in 1886, or at least the forerunner to what we would now call a car. But Great Britain has an illustrious past, present and future with motoring, with some of the most historical achievements in the motoring world being attributed to us.

A solid recommendation for a mechanic’s multi-tool – the Leatherman 300 multi-tool

Looking but not touching! I just wanted to take a short moment to share with you a fantastic product I have only recently come across! It might surprise many of you that I didn’t already own one.   Those of you that follow this blog and my reviews will know I have been into cars

5 Things to Think About Before you Restore a Vintage Car

You may be mechanically minded. Maybe you love driving your car, you know a lot about the latest models and you know what you want out of the car you own. Everybody has a dream car, and sometimes that dream involves making a car of your own- from scratch. Car restoration can be a lot

Australian Road Trip: 8 Tips for Adventurous Travelers

IF you are considering going on an Australian road trip, you are in for an amazing experience. Simply, Australia is definitely worth seeing, and this way you’re going to see the most of it. If this is your first-time road tripping, here are some of the essential information and tips, so everything goes the best

Four Things You Should Do Before And After You Get Behind The Wheel

If you drive a car you need to make sure that you understand there are risks that come with handling a vehicle. Not only are you at the risk of yourself behind the wheel, but you are at risk of every other person that drives by you on the road. If you want to avoid
Must-See Cars of All Times