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A Closer Look at The Nissan Qashqai

If you are looking for more space, power and safety, the Nissan Qashqai SUV would certainly be worthy of your time. Renowned for its superb suspension, this wagon commands attention with its striking style and generous comment that the Qashqai is stylish and function, albeit petrol thirsty at times. Being one of best-selling Nissan

2004 Volkswagen Golf V Sportline Hatchback Review

This pre-owned Volkswagen Golf V Sportline Hatchback 2004 model offers a stunning and sporty ride. Golf has become a popular choice for Australian drivers looking for something elegant, with driving excitement. The 2004 Volkswagen Golf V Sportline Hatchback provides awesome exterior and interior design. It features a powerful drivetrain under the hood. You get perfect

Picking up weird vibrations from the new kid in town

BMW’s first adventure sports bike is a hi-tech marvel with the lone blip of a mid-range buzz in the handlebars.

Honda VFR1200F: revving all the way to reincarnation

A Buddhist monk once told me that when you expect nothing, everything is a gift. Honda’s new sports tourer gives a glimpse of nirvana.

Bikes: Kawasaki revs up with 200mph in its sights

For a start, there is the Kawasaki ZZR-1400.

Have You Heard of Cossack Motorcycles?

Last weekend I came across a pretty interesting and unusual motorcycles I would like to tell you about. Those bikes are often called cossack motorcycles and they are really worth your attention.

Take kitty out of the city and hear her roar

Honda’s star supersport bike feels oddly tame around town — but don’t be fooled.

Harley gives easy ride to the oligarchs

Iconic motorbike is on sale in Moscow for the first time since 1917.

How to afford living in London as a young (and broke) millennial

Much has been made of the extortionate – and ever-rising – cost of living in the capital, yet that still hasn’t dampened the spirits of thousands of young people who continue flocking to its bright lights undeterred.

Investing: the lure of a classic motorcycle

Lamborghinis have been grabbing all the attention in recent months amid claims that pensioners could end up blowing their nest eggs, but many of those who are close to, or at retirement, have their eyes on another fast-moving investment, one with two wheels.
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