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Take kitty out of the city and hear her roar

Honda’s star supersport bike feels oddly tame around town — but don’t be fooled.

Harley gives easy ride to the oligarchs

Iconic motorbike is on sale in Moscow for the first time since 1917.

How to afford living in London as a young (and broke) millennial

Much has been made of the extortionate – and ever-rising – cost of living in the capital, yet that still hasn’t dampened the spirits of thousands of young people who continue flocking to its bright lights undeterred.

Investing: the lure of a classic motorcycle

Lamborghinis have been grabbing all the attention in recent months amid claims that pensioners could end up blowing their nest eggs, but many of those who are close to, or at retirement, have their eyes on another fast-moving investment, one with two wheels.

Pain of modern life: Why are we getting so many headaches?

Headaches are a pain, and not just for those who suffer them. More than £3 billion is lost to the UK economy through sick days and doctors’ visits because of headaches, and the problem is growing fast.

Smart health trackers will spot illness before you do

Smart health monitors such as Fitbits can detect when a person is ill before they start experiencing symptoms, a study has found.

Rip-off repairs

Modern cars are so complex that replacing a bulb can mean removing a wheel. Are high costs inevitable or are drivers being ripped off?

Women charged £45 more for car repairs

Women drivers whose cars need fixing are charged a “female premium” by sexist garage owners, being forced to pay an average of £45 more than men for the same repair work.

The trouble with women: they don’t do car maintenance

The trouble with women says David, is they dodge car maintenance. Do they ever check the oil or the tyre pressure? No

A new slant on the roadster

Mazda’s open-top MX-5 is a five-star car with no rivals. Or it was. Nick Rufford falls for a challenger while James Mills says the original is still the best.
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