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Pain of modern life: Why are we getting so many headaches?

Headaches are a pain, and not just for those who suffer them. More than £3 billion is lost to the UK economy through sick days and doctors’ visits because of headaches, and the problem is growing fast.

Smart health trackers will spot illness before you do

Smart health monitors such as Fitbits can detect when a person is ill before they start experiencing symptoms, a study has found.

Rip-off repairs

Modern cars are so complex that replacing a bulb can mean removing a wheel. Are high costs inevitable or are drivers being ripped off?

Women charged £45 more for car repairs

Women drivers whose cars need fixing are charged a “female premium” by sexist garage owners, being forced to pay an average of £45 more than men for the same repair work.

The trouble with women: they don’t do car maintenance

The trouble with women says David, is they dodge car maintenance. Do they ever check the oil or the tyre pressure? No

A new slant on the roadster

Mazda’s open-top MX-5 is a five-star car with no rivals. Or it was. Nick Rufford falls for a challenger while James Mills says the original is still the best.

Top 5 sports cars

PORSCHE 911 CARRERA £76,412-£104,385 1 The latest 911 remains the ultimate all-round sports car. The entry-level versions are still relatively affordable to buy and run, and the rear-engined layout leaves space for two children’s seats too. Most importantly, it’s seriously exciting to drive. A recent facelift hides the biggest changes to 911 mechanicals for almost

First sports car left others in the dust . . . at 80mph

When the first sports car took to the road 102 years ago, it astounded onlookers with its acceleration and top speed.

Hollow hot-rod Lamborghini has £40,000 price tag

After spending five months building a model Lamborghini Koenig Countach, Benedict Radcliffe hopes to sell it for £40,000.

Tesla sparks electric dreams

The arrival of Tesla in Ireland is just one of the signs that the electric vehicles market looks set to go into overdrive, reports Philip Connolly.
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