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Owners of electric cars are struggling to get plugged in

Electric car owners in parts of Britain are having to share charging points with up to 200,000 other people.

Electric cars won’t be whirring into bus lanes

Shane Ross has ruled out allowing the owners of electric cars to drive in bus lanes.

Stocks crashed? Try a classic car instead

As fears over China’s slowing economy wiped hundreds of billions off stock markets around the world on “Black Monday” yesterday many ashen-faced investors will have been wishing that they had chosen another home for their money.

1970s bangers bypass MoTs to join ranks of classic cars

It’s rarely considered a golden age of motoring. The most popular cars of the 1960s and early 1970s were regularly caricatured as rather ugly brutes with poor handling, unreliable engines and rusty bodywork.

Car makers drive me back to the future

The Volkswagen scandal might have put investors off motoring for life, but there is money to be made from firms travelling in a greener direction.

Car-makers told to speed up debut of ‘talking’ vehicles

The prospect of driverless cars has moved a step closer after the US Government called for the introduction of technology enabling vehicles to communicate with each other to avoid accidents.

The 85th Geneva Motor Show

The 85th Geneva Motor Show is well underway in the Swiss city. Europe’s largest and most important auto show, the event was first held in 1905 and features the best-known manufacturers in the world.

Hydrogen cars a breath of fresh air at LA Auto Show

Hydrogen is everywhere, so the chemists say and, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, cars that silently run on the fuel of the future are making sure they get heard among the high-performance speedsters and bulky 4x4s beloved of West Coast America.

New car won’t need an MoT for four years

Millions of drivers will be able to wait an extra year before needing an MoT certificate for a new car under government plans to be announced this week.

Motown takes a gamble on Sin City

HERE is the news from Detroit. The North American International Auto Show is dead. Long live the new North American auto show in, er, Las Vegas.
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