Purchasing A Trailer And Its Accessories

Have you ever noticed a vehicle pulling another vehicle along, and wondered how do they do it? The answer is simple: they are using a device called the tow bar, and this allows efficient usage of two vehicles while utilising the fuel of one vehicle.

What is a tow bar?

A tow bar is a sort of contraption that is installed on the chassis (at the back) of the vehicle, and it is used for towing heavy vehicles, caravans and even trailers. There are various kinds of tow bars for different towing purposes and some are suited for vehicles up to a certain weight. Before installing a tow bar, speak with the company representative about the suitable kind of tow bars that can be installed on your vehicle’s chassis. Apart from that, a reputable company would also carry a wide range of products from trailers, bike carriers, and even solar panels to enhance your towing experience.

The upside of having a tow bar

The main advantage of installing a tow bar allows you to bring a caravan or trailer along with you. It allows you to have the comfort of a bed, the warmth of cooking in a kitchen, and convenience of a washroom. An alternative to the tow bar would be the A-Frame, where the caravan is being used as the main vehicle, while the car (or van) is being towed by the caravan.

Purchasing a trailer

A trailer is a sort of metal chassis that is towed by a vehicle, and in the market today, there are many kinds of trailers available that allows transportation of items such as a car, motorcycle, speedboat or even general items. Some trailers are multipurpose, allowing it to be utilised as a camping trailer, catering trailer, or even an exhibition trailer. There are even after-market accessories like couplings, breakaway cables, bowden cable, bearing and stubs. After purchasing a trailer, you might consider getting trailer cables, parts, and accessories from Hedley Towbars to assist you in the towing process.

Being self-sufficient

Travelling on the road at times without electricity can be a discomforting thing if your generator has broken down. Imagine a cold night without light or warmth from a heater. Manufacturers have come up with solar panels as a source of renewable energy. The solar panels absorb sunlight and converts them to energy, to allow you to store the electricity for future use.

Security measures against car theft

A vehicle with a trailer may seem like an attractive option for car thieves, and they often strike in the middle of the night where they are most likely to be unseen. You may have secured your trailer properly, but that might not be the case. To prevent such scenarios from happening, install car alarms and immobilisers in your vehicles and trailers as a security measure. After all, the triggered incessant alarm will surely scare off any potential thieves.


Installing a tow bar, trailer, solar panels, or even the alarm by yourself may seem like a simple task, but do consider another aspect: what happens if you damage your vehicle or even the item that you were planning to install? In this case, there will be no replacement or warranty provided. Save yourself the hassle and get the professionals to install it for you, as they will be liable if anything goes wrong, and they would have a load more experience than you.

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