The trouble with women: they don’t do car maintenance

The trouble with women says David, is they dodge car maintenance. Do they ever check the oil or the tyre pressure? No

Many men have bought their women cars over the course of a marriage or love affair. Recently I did some research at the local pub when allowed out with my friends. The questions were simple. Does your wife/girlfriend ever check the oil? Does she ever top up the air pressure in the tyres? Does she ever check when the insurance or tax is due? Has she ever cleaned the car or, perhaps, waxed it? It won’t come as much of a surprise that, all the answers were in the negative.

As modern men, we are expected to do all manner of chores around the house, yet not one of my friends’ Wags gives a single thought to the cleaning of their expensive toy.

Last Sunday, the phone rang, and as soon as I heard that it was the lady-wife’s best friend on the other end, I knew I had to distract myself for the next hour or so. Suffice to say I decided to do some car maintenance, only to find that the wife’s sporty little number had been woefully neglected.

For all the nagging, we men are never even close to the imminent catastrophe that women allow their cars to reach. But because a car’s delicate ecosystem is conveniently hidden behind its gleaming (or not) shell, its upkeep is conveniently overlooked. Convenient, that is, for avoiding the risk of broken nails. Less convenient when, one dark, rainy night on the M6, they find their car has lost the will to live.

Do women imagine that these machines just run themselves? And it’s not only car maintenance. I’m always being asked: “Could you put the DVD on, please? I don’t understand the set-up. What is a Scart plug anyway?” I appreciate that motors and technology are traditionally male territories, but if women want to exist on a level playing field with men (and expect men to pull their weight on the domestic front), they need to accept their share in these realms, too.

Ladies, if you’re looking for gender equality, you’ll find it under the bonnet. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then simply accept this division of labour and stop hassling us about the washing-up.

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