4 Ways Having Your Car Scrapped Will Help the Environment

We’re all becoming more aware of how the choices we make impact the planet, and eco-friendliness is definitely something you should keep in mind when debating whether to scrap your car. Here are just four reasons why having your car scrapped is good for the environment.

  1. Completely Recycled or Reused

When you hear people talk about car scrapping, you probably imagine a vehicle being crushed into a cube and then left in a landfill. However, that’s not what happens. Modern facilities can recycle everything from the wheels to the body panels. Instead of rusting on your driveway or sitting in landfill, almost every part of your car will be converted for re-use.

  1. Supply of Used Parts

Just because your vehicle is ready to be retired from the road, doesn’t necessarily mean every single part also needs to be put out to pasture. Several key parts may be in perfect working order. These can be taken out and sold as used parts. Not only does this make your vehicle more valuable, it also helps supply a full enough range of used parts to prevent other drivers buying new ones. If you can reuse something instead of buying new, you’re helping the environment.

  1. Disposal of Hazardous Parts and Fluids

Some parts and fluids in your car are bad for the environment. Cars now need to be scrapped through authorized facilities, which have the means to safely remove and dispose of those parts and fluids. If you think having your car scrapped might be bad for the environment, think again.

  1. Retirement of Inefficient Vehicles

People often fail to appreciate how much more efficient and eco-friendly newer vehicles are. Governments across the world have tightened up the testing procedures used to determine mpg, so newer vehicles have a harder job making the grade. Even so, a new vehicle will use far less fuel than your used vehicle. It should also use the latest technology to minimize emissions. By switching to a new model, you’ll dramatically lower your footprint whenever you go out for a drive.

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