Four Reasons to Use a Removeable Ramp Instead of a Car Lift

A wheelchair can help you get around, but it won’t be able to take you on long journeys like a car can. That’s why many long-term wheelchair users make sure they can push their wheelchair up into a vehicle with them still inside. You can buy lift systems that do this mechanically, but here are just four reasons why you’re better off buying a folding ramp.

  1. Less Expensive

Modifying your vehicle with a wheelchair lift is extremely expensive. Firstly, you need to pay for the machinery and electronics, and that often means spending into the thousands. Next, you need to pay for all the labour and machinery needed to modify the vehicle. Finally, you’ll face ongoing costs since the weight of a lifting mechanism will dramatically reduce fuel efficiency. Folding ramps are simple, lightweight, and don’t need to be permanently attached to the vehicle.

  1. Fits Other Vehicles and Buildings

It’s a lot easier than it used to be to get around in a wheelchair. More buildings are handicap accessible, and most cities have invested in ramps. However, there are still going to be many times you’ll need help into a building. You can move a folding ramp between different places, which isn’t going to be possible with a car lift.

  1. No Maintenance Issues

You might argue that being slowly raised up into a vehicle is more convenient. Sure, but how about when your wheelchair lift fails? Most modern systems are extremely well-made, but nothing lasts forever, and things can always go wrong. That could necessitate expensive repairs, and you’ll be unable to use the lift and the vehicle itself until things are sorted. These aren’t issues you’ll face with a folding ramp.

  1. Fewer Vehicle Modifications

Finally, keep in mind that your vehicle will need to be extensively modified to equip a wheelchair lift. That could mean lowering the suspension or tampering with existing electronics – in any case, you’ll probably invalidate the warranty.

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