Four Things You Should Do Before And After You Get Behind The Wheel

If you drive a car you need to make sure that you understand there are risks that come with handling a vehicle. Not only are you at the risk of yourself behind the wheel, but you are at risk of every other person that drives by you on the road. If you want to avoid getting into a car accident or ending up broken down on the side of the road there are things you can do.

In fact, when you took driver’s training it is pretty likely that your teacher told you to check certain things before you even got into the vehicle, do check other things once you were in, and to always be paying attention (see the big picture) while you’re on the road. Here are four things you should be doing.

Check Your Tires

Before you even enter your vehicle take a quick look at your tires. Make sure none of them look flat and check the tread on them as well to make sure they aren’t worn out. The last thing you want on an expressway is to have a blowout. If you have a tire gauge you can even check the pressure. If they need air head right to the gas station and do that before you drive anywhere else.

Check Your Lights

You can take a look at the outside of your vehicle’s lights to make sure nothing looks broken, but you also need to get in and turn them on to check. A taillight, headlight, or brake light out will get you a ticket, so why risk it when it’s easy to check? If you have a light out you should get it fixed quickly. Often a ticket for this type of violation will be tossed out if you get the issue fixed in a prompt manner.

Strap In

Your seatbelt could save your life, so never forget to put it on. If you have other people in the car with you, it’s your responsibility to make sure that they also buckle theirs. If you have children in the car know the laws about child seats in order to keep them safe as well.

Be Aware At All Times

When you are behind the wheel you need to be aware of everything that is going on around your vehicle. Not only should you be seeing what is in front of you, but also behind and on both sides of you. Rock slides, black ice on the road, a drunk driver, and wild animals are just of the few things that can “come at you” seemingly out of nowhere when you’re on the road. Avoid them by always seeing the big picture (and by not being distracted by the stereo, your smartphone, or the kids fighting in the back seat).

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