What to Look & Feel for When Taking Mazda for a Test Drive

Mazda believes in making cars that matter. From the innovative technology to its impeccable design and advanced safety features, each car is carefully crafted to let you experience the sheer joy of driving.

The extensive lineup of sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs and even sport cars lets you make an informed decision, and choose the car that best fits your budget and requirements.

While it helps to know that Mazda has a reputation of building reliable vehicles with uncompromising quality, when you are out there looking at cars for sale, no amount of research and reviews can replace a visit to the dealership for a test drive.

When you’re buying a car, your comfort and driving experience is of paramount importance. Test drives put you behind the wheel and allow you to really feel how it handles. Buying a car is a huge investment and considering the amount of time you will spend in the vehicle, it’s imperative to choose the ride that best suits your family and you.

Here are five key factors you should inspect when taking any car for a test drive. 

Space & Storage

The car you opt for is largely dependent on your family size and requirements. When you enter a Mazda for a test drive, the first thing you should pay heed to is its space and storage capabilities.

Sit back on the seats, stretch and check for the legroom, seat width, and headroom it offers. If you have children who will need car seats, ensure it fits well in the car too.

Another important aspect to check is the trunk. Think of all the equipment you might need to carry in your car. Whether it’s your golf paraphernalia or you children’s tennis gear, your car needs to have ample cargo space to fit what you’ll regularly be carrying around. 


Whether you go for the Mazda CX-3 or the Mazda 6, you and your family need to be comfortable in your car. Sit on the driver’s seat and adjust the seat and mirrors as per your convenience such that you have a smooth driving experience. You should also check if you can reach out to the important controls with ease. The idea is to play out what your everyday driving stance will be like while taking the car out for a test drive.

Apart from the driver’s comfort, you need to also ensure your family is seated comfortably in the rear seats. Feel the seat cushion and check the seat belts, adjustments, and foldability while you’re at it. It can also be help to bring your family or friends along to get additional input during this process.

Exterior Inspection

When people test drive cars for sale, the first thing they tend to do is step in and drive away. Apart from the driving experience and the interior of the car, the car’s exterior is equally important. Do remember to walk around and inspect every little corner of the car.

Is the exterior design exactly what it claims to be? Does the paintwork match? Are there any uneven gaps in the paintwork? Are the door handles smooth to use? How do the tires appear? Did you want an automatic liftgate? Considering these factors while inspecting a new car can help avoid surprises in future. 

Driving Ease

However swanky or comfortable the car is, nothing matters if it doesn’t leave you with a smooth driving experience. While driving, check how the vehicle performs in the highest and lowest speeds and if it accelerates well. Turn the steering wheel and notice the level of resistance it offers.

Driving on smooth terrains is always a cakewalk, while test driving, ensure you take the car through rougher terrains and potholes to see how it deals with speed bumps, if you can break on a dime, and how these experiences feel both from the front and back seats.

Try taking a U-turn, maneuver through tight spaces, and park the car in crowded lot—these are instances you will regularly face while driving, so really put the vehicle through a real-life test.

Once you are done driving, also check the exterior for leaking fluids. 

Special Features

In addition to comfort and style, you will be paying for the infotainment features that come with the vehicle you choose, so ensure the system is easy for you to understand. You are paying for the electronics and special features, so spend time testing out each component. You should know how everything works before making your final decision as the radio, GPS, headlights, and more will be used on a near daily basis.

Mazda is focused on safety and the vehicles come equipped with a host of safety features such as I-ACTIVSENSE, Smart City Brake Support, and Adaptive Front-lighting System. Make sure you know each of the features, the benefits, and test the usability. Knowing which feature to use when will help you maximize the car to its fullest potential. 

Many times, we tend to get enamored by what we see and read about, but what should really make or break the purchase decision is how you feel after taking the test drive. Take each experience seriously and inspect the car for all the above factors.

So, if you’re still looking at cars for sale, visit your local dealership and book a test drive today! You’re sure to drive away satisfied.

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