Why Use a Tiller Cover for Your Mobility Scooter?

If you’re just about to pick up your very first mobility scooter, you probably have no idea what a tiller cover is. Well, the tiller is simply the control panel, and a tiller cover is a section of clear plastic that slips over the top – some tiller covers even have sleeves you can put your hands in, but even those that don’t make it easy to use the controls.

Here are just a few reasons why you should add a tiller cover to your new mobility scooter.

Protects Against Rain

Most modern mobility scooters are able to cope with light rain without suffering damage, but it’s well worth keeping in mind that these are electronic devices. As such, anything from steady drizzle to a full-on downpour can potentially drench and blow out your mobility scooter’s switches. If that happens, you could be left unable to operate your scooter. Even if that isn’t an issue, replacing the electronics can be expensive. Fitting a tiller cover prevents moisture from doing any damage.

Protects Against Dust

Most people understand that rain can pose a threat to a mobility scooter, but far fewer understand that dust can cause just as much damage. If you operate on a dusty path or leave your mobility scooter somewhere dusty, that dust can infiltrate the controls.  Even if nothing shorts out, dust can accumulate and make it tough to properly control the machine.

Keeps Your Hands Warm and Dry

As mentioned above, some tiller covers have little sleeves you can pop your hands through. If you’ll be depending on your scooter a lot, such a cover is well worth considering. There’s really no part of the country that isn’t subject to unexpected downpours and cold snaps, and it’s vital that you’re able to keep your hands warm and dry while still operating your mobility scooter.


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