4 Car Problems You Can Fix on Your Own

Many believe that DIY car repairs are there primarily to save one’s money. While it’s indisputable that there’s a lot of truth to this claim, frugality is hardly the only reason behind this. Being able to repair your own car not only makes the maintenance easier and quicker, it also serves as a safety measure, should you decide to go on a road trip. Finally, the fact that you are able to fix your vehicle by yourself can give one a no small amount of self-confidence, which is definitely not something you should underestimate. With this in mind, here are four simple car problems you can easily fix on your own.

1.    Dead battery

In a situation where your car won’t start, there is a great probability that its battery is dead. The easiest way to fix this is to simply recharge it and this can be done in one of two ways. If you are at your home you can just wire it up and charge it, but on the road, you can do this by connecting to a battery of another car. All you need to do here is connect the jumper cables to the appropriate terminals. This can be especially easy seeing how they are usually in different colors (red and black). Keep in mind, however, that at this time, both of the cars should be turned off, on parking breaks and that they should definitely not touch each other in any ways (except via aforementioned cables).

2.    Changing a flat tyre

Changing a tyre is probably a prime example of being a capable driver and the reason behind this is a fact that a flat tyre can occur at any time. With a dead battery, you have a way of seeing it coming, but a problem such as flat tyre is something that can suddenly happen. So, in order to get you started, you need some basic tools and resources such as wheel and tyre packages, car jack with a built-in lever and of course a lug nut ratchet. From here, you need to do a simple replacement and the only thing to pay special attention to are the nuts that need to be adequately tightened once you are done.

3.    Replacing head lights

Another thing you can’t have a control of is when your head (or tail) lights are going to die. Once this happens, however, you need to have the extra set of bulbs in the trunk. All you need to do is access the back of the housing, unplug the old bulb and then just slide the new one in. It really is that simple, just keep in mind to keep the car turned off while you’re doing it (as a safety measure).

4.    Changing the car’s oil

Finally, car oil is something that needs to be changed somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, depending on various factors. Speaking about time-table of these changes, you can look at somewhere between three and four months for regular drivers. So, seeing how often you have to do this, being able to pull off this simple maintenance on your own is both time and money saving. When it comes to resources, you need some engine oil, oil filter as well as a container for used oil. As for the tools needed, a wrench set and rags are a must-have, while wearing safety glasses is also highly recommended.


The best thing about these DIY projects is that they require no expertise, expensive gear or any previous experience. They are also not the only four repairs that fall under this category, honorable mentions being a replacement faulty spark plugs or even a cracked or broken side-view mirror replacement. Your options are numerous and whether you handle this on your own is for you to decide.

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