A solid recommendation for a mechanic’s multi-tool – the Leatherman 300 multi-tool

Looking but not touching!

I just wanted to take a short moment to share with you a fantastic product I have only recently come across! It might surprise many of you that I didn’t already own one.


Those of you that follow this blog and my reviews will know I have been into cars and mechanics since I was very young. However it wasn’t until recently that I actually really appreciated the other side of being a petrol head and getting to know how cars need to be maintained. Of course, I always kept my cars clean and shiney but when there have been any mechanical problems I have taken the machines straight to the shop or to a trusted friend for them to look at. However, a friend recently introduced a new gadget into my life which has changed that. He saw a review of it and thought it would be perfect for me… I got a nice and shiney new Leatherman multi-tool! You can see this life changing review for yourself here http://bestmultitoolkit.com/reviews/leatherman-super-tool-300-multi-tool-review/


And it does pretty much everything you could ever need – and it actually makes you feel comfortable enough to use it rather than keeping it on a shelf with your 1 million other gadgets that never really see the light of day.


So why all the fuss?

Firstly, this gadget has so many different functions. I know it is great for tweaking a few mechanical bits and pieces, but despite that, I can see it would be useful for pretty much anyone. People doing home improvements could use this to straighten paintings and tighten door frames. Those that are avid campers would love this tool and have that tent up in no time, fixing any little issues almost immediately.





For me the first test of the Leatherman was its pliers. One of the motors had a few loose bolts and I decided rather than taking it in to be looked at, I would first try myself. The Leatherman has not one, but 2 sets of pliers. The thing that really surprised me is just how strong and hardy they are. They could put regular pliers out of business for sure. A cool feature is the sloped handle which really makes the pliers easy to move about and I noticed that this was incredibly useful in some of the tighter, smaller spaces in the motor. I was able to fix everything in under half an hour and since then the Leatherman has not left my side!


The Leatherman Promise

So the 20 different features of this Leatherman is a selling point in itself. But, another fantastic aspect of this product, and I guess the company in general is the guarantee that comes with it. They have a policy to look after you and the Leatherman for 25 years. They will also cover lights under a separate policy for 10 years which is good to know! Under this policy they will repair or replace the product if damaged. It is always good to know when you are in safe hands with a brand like this.


Any drawbacks?

So I am a huge fan of this product (as you might already be able to tell). But there are a few drawbacks that I think is only fair to note. It is really heavy. It weighs almost 300 grams or 10 ounces. So it’s not necessarily easy to carry about with you on your person. It would be better to store it in the glove box of similar. I think for a manual worker or someone who is travelling light this would mean the Leatherman is too hard to carry. However, for someone like me, who is always in the car, it should never be a problem!

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