Do your brake pads need replacing?

Many of us continue to wear down our brake pads until something goes wrong. By leaving things this long, we not only cause more damage to our cars, but also end up needing to spend more money overall on fixing the problem at hand.

Noticing these signs early on can help us prevent the costly repairs that may endue from wearing down our brake pads to oblivion.

  1. Warning Light

if you’re lucky enough to have brake pad sensors in your car you will be warned on your cars desktop. A lot of cars don’t have this feature though.Make sure your brake pads are checked regularly and keep a look and listen out for any of these brake pad related issues:

  1. Loud Screeching

If you hear a screeching when you press down on the brake, this is a good sign that your brake pads need replacing. If you hear a grinding noise then they have most likely worn down completely.

  1. Visual Check

you can see your brake pads by looking through the spokes in your car’s wheel. The outsides pad is pressed against a metal rotor. If you see anything less than 3mm of pad visible, get them inspected and replaced.

  1. Pulling to one side

if your vehicle feels like it is pulling to one side this could be a sign your brake pads need replacing. It could also be a sign of other issues with your vehicle so it is imperative you get your car looked at immediately.

  1. Vibrations

If your brake pedal gives of bad vibrations when you push down on it you may need to replace the brake pads due to warpage from the heat.

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