Signs your transmission needs replacing

Transmission troubles can be very daunting down to the worrying cost of repairs. Leaving the troubles be, can make the problem worse and cause the cost of repairs to increase even more. If you suspect any of the following issues, it may be time to repair your transmission.

  1. Slipping

If your transmission automatically slips, it could feel like its automatically changed gear for no reason at all. You may even hear whistling noises or the engine could change pitch and make a whining sound.

  1. Rough

When you’re changing gear, does it feel much less smooth than it usually does? Perhaps the vehicle is making an obvious ‘clunk’ sound and it is changing gears? If your car has difficulty getting up to speed, it is time to fix that transmission.

  1. Delayed

If you change gear but the actual gear change doesn’t seem to happen immediately, it’s suggested that you get your vehicle looked at immediately.

  1. Fluid Leak

A transmission leak can cause great damage to both your vehicle and the environment. This fluid does not run low or even go down because it isn’t used up in the same way as engine oil is. This means if you notice it getting low it is most likely because of a leak.

  1. Warning light

If you notice your transmission temperature rising and the light come on. Check your transmission fluid and engine coolant immediately. Have your vehicle looked at by a professional and be prepared to buy replacement parts for your vehicle.

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