These 5 surprising car parts can be recycled or reused

If you’re scrapping your car/ vehicle, it is a good idea to keep in mind the parts of your car that can be reused or recycled. Here are some of the parts to keep in mind before calling that scrapyard.

  1. Carpets and Mats

You can reuse your car mats or sell them on/ give them away if they’re still in decent condition. If your carpets and mats aren’t reusable, you can take them to a specialised carpet recycling centre near you.

  1. Engine Oil

Your used engine oil doesn’t wear out, it just gets dirty. If you dispose of your engine oil incorrectly it can harm the environment so it is essential that you take it to a certified oil collection centre where it can be cleaned ready for reuse.

  1. Oil Filters

Oil filters must be correctly disposed of by law and there are special recycling centres that you must take them.

  1. Engines and Transmissions

A lot of mechanics will take your old engine and rebuild it. This is a much greener and low-cost solution to buying a new one and they can even be much more efficient than they originally were.

  1. Batteries

It is a requirement for you to dispose of car batteries correctly due to the chemicals that they contain which can harm the environment and eco system.

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