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What Do You Need To Do Before Scrapping Your Car?

Log Book Form Before handing over your vehicle to be scrapped, make sure your pass on your vehicle log book (V5C) form and keep the yellow slip (V5C/3) from it. You want the scrap yard/ business to fill in their details on the form.

Roof Boxes Come in Different Types and Sizes to Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Boxes that go on the top of your vehicle can be used for many different items and whether you are storing suitcases, auto supplies, or even clothes there, you can find the right size to accommodate you if you know where to look. Most of these roof boxes are made of extra-strong materials such as

Why Use a Tiller Cover for Your Mobility Scooter?

If you’re just about to pick up your very first mobility scooter, you probably have no idea what a tiller cover is. Well, the tiller is simply the control panel, and a tiller cover is a section of clear plastic that slips over the top – some tiller covers even have sleeves you can put

4 Common Misconceptions About Scrapping Your Car

Car scrapping is proving increasingly popular as the methods become more eco-friendly and the value of scrapped vehicles increases. That said, there are still some pernicious misconceptions that hang around this option. Here are just four.

5 DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Owning a car isn’t all about driving around town with your significant other(s) by your side blasting the subwoofers on 11, in fact, it’s more about regular maintenance and upkeep to make sure your baby is running smoothly at all times. Fortunately, not every quirk and problem you notice on your car has to prompt

How Does Car Scrapping Aid the Rebuilding Industry?

It used to be that anyone whose car had a bad engine or transmission system would have that entire system replaced. This wasn’t exactly an efficient use of that machinery; in most cases, it would only be a single component that needed to be fixed, but the whole system would be thrown away regardless. These

Car Maintenance Checklist for Road Trips

While there are safer, simpler and easier ways to travel, there is nothing that will let you get the lay of the land better than a road trip. Here, you get to make your own itinerary, improvise as you go and spend the entirety of the trip exactly as you like it. Aside from this,

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Van

Before one decides to buy a new car, it is advisable to do a proper research by visiting various car dealers to compare different cars and affordability. Nowadays advancement of technology has made things easier where one can get the relevant information about any car on the internet. It is advisable not to rush into

Smart Driver: Four Simple Ways to Winter-Proof Your Vehicle

There is no doubt that a car takes a pretty big hit during the winter. Not only is there the danger of rust, but you also have to worry about your gas mileage dropping for a while, which means more gas. Do not worry about this; there are a few things you can do to winter-proof your

4 Car Problems You Can Fix on Your Own

Many believe that DIY car repairs are there primarily to save one’s money. While it’s indisputable that there’s a lot of truth to this claim, frugality is hardly the only reason behind this. Being able to repair your own car not only makes the maintenance easier and quicker, it also serves as a safety measure,
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